Editor’s Picks: Back to School Accessories

Summer 2015 has officially come to an end and classes are back in session. Whether you live on campus or commute to school; a freshman or a law student… The list of essential back to school accessories remains the same. These accessories will often play a huge part in how smoothly your day goes, so it’s wise to consider the items you purchase to be investments. (If you choose the right ones, you’ll be able to use them long term!) During a Sunday morning brunch convo about college and shopping, I put together a list of a few of my favorite accessories by brands I have grown to trust and adore. + I think some of you may love them too.

  1. Herschel Supply Co. “Little America” backpack
    because it’s durable, comfy to carry, and has a padded laptop slot.
    shop for it
  2. Warby Parker “Welty” glasses
    because they’re affordable, convenient, great quality, and super cute.
    shop for it
  3. Frends “Layla” headphones
    because they’re aesthetically pleasing headphones to complement any outfit.
    shop for it
  4. kate spade 2016 planners, insulated tumbler cup + “let’s do lunch” business card holder
    because kate spade’s desk and stationary collection is everything.
    shop + shop + shop for it

What are some of your favorite school accessories? Share them with us on Twitter or Instagram @darlalaland!

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