From The Editor: The Survival Bag

These past couple of weeks, I have been finding myself waking up on early mornings and diving into long days. A Friday could easily consist of in-class presentations, a lunch date (with a cute guy ;), running errands and a concert for event coverage…. And Tuesday’s itinerary can be filled with traveling, a job interview, interviewing somebody, studying for exams and a holiday party in the evening. These days may not seem too terrifying (I’m sure it can get even more hectic), but a day like this can be very intimidating when you’re away from home and literally have no time to change clothes or grab something from your house.

For this reason, I’ve had to come up with a bag of items that can get me through the day successfully. The night before a long day, I spend time considering what events can possibly occur (everything from a dying cell phone to a torrential downpour) to then prepare accordingly and pack my essentials into a survival bag.

Survival Bag

This Month’s Bag: H&M Tote Bag – A great, versatile bag for a budget.

Macbook & Charger – For returning emails and getting work done. (This was the heaviest thing in my bag, which made me realize that I really need to invest in an iPad… For the sake of my biceps.)

Magazine – Train rides are the perfect time to catch up on the latest issue of my favorite magazine.

Notebook – Purposeful for studying and important reminders.

Compact Umbrella – It’s important to bring this this even if rain isn’t in the forecast. There’s nothing worse than having to run to the nearest store to find/purchase an over-priced umbrella.

Mophie Juice Pack – A phone case that recharges my phone — best gift ever from my older sister/fairy god mother. (Hint: Lower your brightness and KILL YOUR APPS. This will help your battery last longer.)

Emergency Cash, Bank/Credit Cards, Business Cards, ID’s, etc. – Emergency cash is especially important — it’s easy for me to rely on my credit card but I have run into situations where credit card machines for parking, or train tickets, were not working properly and if I didn’t have cash on me.. Well, my day would be over! Keep $50 cash on-hand, at least.

Eyebrow Powder/Eyeliner/Mascara/Mini Perfume/Sunglasses – Self-explainatory. I also carry a small container with coconut oil incase I need to moisturize my face/hands.

YSL ‘Pink in Confidence‘ Rouge Volupte Shine – My current favorite lipstick. It’s moisturizing, which is a better choice compared to a matte for a day where you’ll be too busy to worry about how it looks.

Infinity Scarf or a lightweight kimono – This can be the perfect piece to transition an outfit for day to night or for a different occasion. The best way to go would be to wear an all-black outfit (like a top with slim pants or a skirt) and then this way, a printed scarf or kimono over top will create a totally different outfit.

You can either struggle through a long day, or come out on top feeling accomplished…. It all depends on how prepared you are for it! What would you put in your survival bag?

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