GODDESS by Alexa Demie + Alayne Macchiaverna

The best part about learning of new brands, for me, is being introduced to the concept behind them. Whenever I come across a clothing line, magazine, artwork, etc. that was created with an intention I can closely relate to…. It’s kind of like falling into a new love.

This past week I learned about GODDESS — a t-shirt collection inspired by nineties fashion editorials and incredible women. The collection consists of six different shirts with images of six different iconic models. Each image was re-invented with paint and graphic design by two kick ass, talented artists.

This collection represents a collaboration in it’s truest form; the creative efforts of Alexa Demie and Alayne Macchiaverna come together to create a series of six visuals, visuals comprised of the most iconic faces of the nineties fashion world. GODDESS accentuates and honors the qualities of these women that made them memorable all while aiming to inspire a new generation of female powerhouses.

Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, and Helena Christensen are the models featured in the collection, each with a different design that reflects their unique vibes and influence they have made in the world.

I love these tees for various reasons, beyond the fact that I’d look great wearing one…. The first reason is that my current obsession with nineties fashion has been continuously increasing with every page I read in the book Champagne Supernovas by Maureen Callahan… Another being that the designs for the shirts are captivating and fresh — I’ve never seen anything like it before… And overall, the brand’s aesthetic and message as a whole is beautiful; fit for the real goddesses.

Check out a few images from the collection’s Lookbook below and visit the GODDESS website (http://www.demiegod.us/) to shop.

Model: Isabella Peschardt
Photographer: Adril Law

Goddess Cindy
Cindy Crawford Tee
Goddess Naomi
Naomi Campbell Tee
Goddess Kate
Kate Moss Tee
Helena Tee
Helena Christensen Tee

 (Image Courtesy: GODDESS Tumblr)

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