Head In The Soundclouds: Taja Barber x Let’s Ride

This week, 20-year old DJ and new recording artist, Taja Barber, debuted her first original single in the Soundcloud undergrounds. Well-known to the indie music and fashion scene for years as DJ Filthy Rich Taj + lifestyle influencer, Taja has displayed her talents in a new way by transitioning into creating music of her own. If you listen back to the mixes she’s shared on Soundcloud in the past, it’s evident that she has good taste and a true appreciation for music that smoothly translates into her new song, “Let’s Ride.”

The song emits the vibes of a new love that’s all about staying low-key, exclusive, and focused on building a dream-like reality together. “Living comfortably ain’t that shit I wanna do. I want a private jet or coupe, just a space for me and you… Just us two.

Produced by BrandUn Deshay, the slow-tempoed, west coast beat reflects her Bay Area roots and provides the foundation for a song that’s perfect to ride out to with someone special. “Where you wanna go? Let’s ride. Promise I won’t waste your time. You and me can share this life. Where you wanna go? Let’s ride.

Taja is a visionary/creator that many of us always look forward to hearing and seeing new work from. She’s a trendsetter with a one-of-a-kind style that naturally shines as she continues to perfect her craft and be herself.

Check out Taja’s new song below, visit her Soundcloud, and let us know what you think by tweeting us @DARLAlaland!

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