IN THE MEDIA is a column where we round up enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring content we’ve recently consumed from other sources.

Jhené Aiko’s IRL interview, How Jhené Aiko Became A Maniac, with Rob Markman from While meeting up at Luxe Lingerie shop in Beverly Hills, she discusses her latest single “Maniac,” her creative process, and how she’s no longer worried about boxing herself in by trying to please the world. VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE.



Dealing With “Change Casualties” in Your Relationships for Growth is an article published on Quirktastic — a media outlet for quirky millennials and creative entrepreneurs of color. This piece discusses how one creative processes change and gets through hard times, and although she has no final answers to her questions she stays optimistic and hopeful for resolution in the future. READ IT HERE.

But Who Prays For Kidada? A thoughtful story published on The Reign XY — an online publication for fellowship and upliftment amongst millennial women of color. The article is all about the life and accomplishments of Kidada Jones, who lost both her best friend (Aaliyah) and fiancé (Tupac) within a matter of years. READ IT HERE.


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