Kade Henderson: Stylist and Entrepreneur

One of the most naturally inspiring things about this world, to me, is the way a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Mainly for it’s appearance, a female caterpillar would most likely be an overlooked girl in a social setting. It is tiny and worm-like, and the naked eye wouldn’t really be able to identify what makes it special and beautiful. But once it matures, grows, and transforms into a something more eye-catching (who it was meant to be)… It becomes clear that there was something amazing inside of that underestimated little caterpillar all along.

This evolvement is what came to mind when I learned of a girl who used to be bullied in school by her peers, but who is now a fashion stylist and tastemaker of our generation. It’s obvious, with sketching during class after finishing her work early and by developing wide eyes for wardrobe styling due to her family’s limited discretionary income, that she was bound to grow to become the person she is today.

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Meet Kade Henderson — a freelance wardrobe stylist and entrepreneur currently based in New York. Kade currently runs an online fashion community, Kades Mode, which was inspired by her childhood experiences. Through Kades Mode and her other endeavors, she is devoted to the enhancement of entrepreneurs and her dream is to serve as an advocate where she can promote empowerment and confidence in self.

As a freelance wardrobe stylist no two days are the same, in addition to the months. Freelance doesn’t guarantee consistency. In this position of my career I am finding my days spent researching about trends, clients, and fine-tuning Kades Mode and where we stand as a company.

Making the decision to be a freelance stylist (or freelance anything for that matter) is taking a huge risk for a career path. Freelancers risk earning guaranteed money to gain more experience and hone in on perfecting a specific craft which can be both rewarding and challenging at times. Working as a freelance stylist requires that you complete various different tasks as well as continuously build yourself up as a credible brand — you and your business essentially become one.

The most challenging part about building and maintaining a brand is trying to be perfect. I am extremely clumsy, I have a very awkward laugh, and none of that says perfect. I’m just very human and me. My favorite part [about building my own brand] is to read the inspiration letters and comments. It amazes me how following my heart inspires others to follow theirs as well.

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Kade has built up an impressive portfolio, with her work previously featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Tush, ELLE, Shoegasm, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. She has also done production work during New York Fashion Week for Black Diesel Gold. In addition to coordinating fashion shows and partnering with other brands for pop-up shops such as Intermix and ALDO, Kade has also done independent brand consulting for brands such as Shoegasm, Trendly and Rebagg along with many other endeavors. Kade is a very versatile and talented image expert; able to create high-fashion editorials and still give advice to her readers on multiple ways to wear one everyday piece from their wardrobes.

Aside from styling and running her own business, Kade’s alma matter is the Fashion Institute of Technology under the study of Fashion Merchandise Management and Wardrobe Styling of Fall 2014 and she has done volunteer work and mentoring for younger girls. This January, she will be competing in the Miss New York USA pageant where she plans to pursue her purpose of female empowerment.

A great person once said if you want to change the world, you have to change yourself. I only hope to serve as a reminder that remaining disciplined and passionate gets you to your dreams, and nothing else.

View more of Kade’s inspiring work by visiting her site, http://www.kades-mode.com, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @KadesMode!

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