Letter From The Editor: All Of The Good Things

Autumn is, without a doubt, my favorite time of life. It brings me the happiest feelings; it’s when I feel the most balanced and calm.

This feeling may have a lot to do with my early November birthday (I was born to love it)… But I also believe it’s because of the wonderful things I can always expect fall to bring: pumpkin spiced everything, knee high boots + socks + oversized sweaters + slouchy beanies, football games, Halloween, dark lipsticks + scented candles, cool rainy days, beautiful colorful trees + flowers, and all the good stuff that warms my heart, lol.

To me, this season feels like falling in love every year… A love that I can always expect to come back into my life and recenter me from any internal chaos I may be experiencing. It’s the time when I see the most clearly and have the ability to find the keys I’ve been needing to unlock my inner peace.

inner peace 2

Just as I accumulate too much junk in my closet over the course of a year (hell, even just over the course of a season) with no explanation, I tend to accumulate too much junk in my mind as well. Too much overthinking about things I’d be better off not thinking about at all; too much stressing over situations I can’t change, etc… By the time the end of the summer approached this year, my mind was all over the place, my heart was in pieces, and no one could save me from myself but me.

I have come to realize that I am my worst enemy and my best friend. When my energy is negative and my life seems chaotic, there is no one to blame but me… I am ultimately in control of what I allow to control me. When my energy is positive and my life seems peaceful, it is also because of me… I am in control of the way I think, which controls (most of) what I feel.


A key to unlocking inner peace is to be a good person; be good to yourself & be good to others. We attract what we are… So when we are good, good things come to us and we will be blessed with the ability to continuously look on the bright side of the not-so-good things.

+ To love. When you achieve unconditional love for yourself, you’ll become so full with love that you can’t feel hate or long-term negative feelings towards anyone; not even the people who hurt you.

+ To be understanding. Once you learn to accept people for who they are and to be genuinely understanding of them, you will not be burdened with the stress of wanting to change someone you cannot. Everything won’t work out how you envision it could and everyone won’t be how you are… And that’s totally okay.

+ To be grateful. Show gratitude even when things don’t go your way. Realize that even the worst day isn’t so bad because you always survive it & wake up the next. Everything is temporary; even this lifetime. Our bodies are temporary homes for our souls, allowing us to experience and learn and love before we move on to another place. Be grateful for every opportunity and the little things, too.

These are the things I tell myself and that continue to be useful reminders whenever I find my inner peace slipping away from me; whenever I feel like I’m losing my balance. It happens, and it happens often as a result of situations that would take me writing a whole book to explain… But none of that is what’s important… The most important thing is that no matter what changes I go through or what feelings I develop (I have a lot of feelings, all the time), I am able to bring myself back to a mentally + emotionally + spiritually peaceful place… To a place that makes me feel how the fall season makes me feel inside.

Certain things happen to us so that we can grow through them and so that we can experience new things in life. Rather then allowing them to turn us bitter or make us wish for a spotless mind, we should accept them and remember all of the good things. Feel the eternal sunshine.

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