Letter From The Editor: My DARLA

DARLA [Dreams And Real Life Aligned] is a creative branding agency in Philadelphia that supports the development of other companies and projects. There are currently two brands under DARLA: DARLA Magazine and Rich Broads. DARLA Magazine is a publication run by @victoriadrianna that focuses on the work and lifestyles of young women who dream big and find creative ways to align their real life with their ideas. Rich Broads is a Richmond + Philadelphia based street wear brand created by victoriadrianna and Alexis Rozier for girls who live a rich lifestyle; rich in love, creativity, good vibes, and style.

Hi, I’m victoriadrianna — the Creator of DARLA. In 2015, I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Integrated Marketing Communications. My skills in writing, photography, designing, styling, brand creation and consulting, marketing, business strategy/planning, and all that is what helps me work on DARLA as I aim to make a positive outlet for girls to share their work through. My biggest goal, thus far, has been to make a career out of doing what I love while making the world a better place — to make my Dreams And Real Life Align; #myDARLA.

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(Alexis wearing Rich Broads, Spring ’16)

#myDARLA includes Rich Broads; a new street wear line run by me and my sister Alexis. This brand is the first ever street wear line based in Richmond + Philadelphia for women. Style-wise, Rich Broads is for girls, like us, who often shop in the mens department of stores because of their designs and the way their shirts fit. Rich Broads symbolizes girls who are boss as hell and who stay rich with positivity. (Launching in April 2016)

DARLA Magazine is a publication created by me in 2014. It currently operates as a blog with weekly articles about/for girls who are currently focused on turning their dreams into their real lives. Stories, write-ups, and special features that fall under DARLA’s categories are published Sunday mornings on darlamagazine.com. These categories include:

BOSSes are entrepreneurs and professionals who work in creative industries.

ARTISTs are designers, visual artists, musicians, and more who build their careers through various forms of art.

WRITERs are bloggers, authors, journalists, poets, and more.

STYLISTs are creative curators such as fashion stylists, DJs, photographers and even YouTube vloggers.

WANDERERs are free-spirits known for traveling to new places and wandering around familiar ones, too.

LOVERs are positive thinkers who express themselves with self-reflections, relationships, and activisms.

+ STUFF is everything from follow-worthy Instagram accounts to useful and must-have products.

DARLOs are creative guys who are also bosses, artists, writers, stylists, wanderers, and lovers.

#myDARLA is a new personal column written by me about how I work to make my Dreams And Real Life Align.

Conversations and Interviews about Dreams And Real Life take place with bosses, artists, writers, stylists, wanderers, and lovers.

@DARLAlaland is where concerts and other events are looked at from DARLA’s perspective + where the DARLA brand lives on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr).

With DARLA, I hope to connect with more girls who are interested in pursuing creative careers. Our dreams can be as real as we make them; as long as we’re willing to work hard + smart, we can achieve whatever we want. What’s your DARLA?

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