Making Art Herstory

Visual art has always been so intriguing because it conveys all types of messages, big and small, through different mediums. While taking an art history course a few years ago, I had the opportunity to learn about artwork and the stories of specific artists I had not been previously exposed to. From the meaning behind Frida Khalo’s self portraits to the pyramids created by ancient Egyptians; my eyes were opened to various forms of art that have been changing the world way before our time.

There were many great female artists in the past who have greatly influenced art today… And there are also many talented young women today who have already begun influencing the artists of the future. Below are some recent pieces from a few of my favorite artists who are currently creating and hustling hard to share their art with the world. Through sharing their selfies + art work on social networks, participating in art shows + events, attracting legendary well-known supporters, and more… These three artists have built their brands up and been able to express their unique visions in their own way.

Sue Tsai,, @SueTsai

Image + Quote Courtesy: Sue Tsai on Instagram
Image + Quote Courtesy: Sue Tsai on Instagram

“A Love Worth The Fight” — The left old school boxing glove is meant  to represent the older generation, willing to fight till the end for love no matter how tough the battle. The right new age boxing glove represents the current generation, giving up too easily when times get rough, afraid of a few scuffs. #PutUpAFight #ItTakesTwo

Iris Bonner,, @ThesePinkLips

Image Courtesy: These Pink Lips
Image Courtesy: These Pink Lips

Stella Blu,, @ByStellaBlu

Stella Blu
Image Courtesy: By Stella Blu

Visit their sites to learn more about who they are and what they’re all about!

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