MDM Flow by Florence Adepoju

There aren’t too many things us fashion and beauty junkies love more than a new lipstick; especially a badd ass lipstick that was created by a badd ass girl… And by “badd ass girl” I mean Florence Adepoju — the Founder of MDMflow; a London based luxury lipstick line inspired by 90’s and early millennium hip-hop culture. Florence, also known as Flow, describes MDMflow as being the younger version of herself translated into a cosmetic brand. More than just being a product of the hip-hop culture from the past, MDMflow reflects the attitudes of young women with eccentric and unique styles.

florence adepoju@MDM_florence
florence adepoju

I was inspired by all the bold women historically who have made waves in the beauty industry and women alive now that continue to do so. MDMflow to me represents being myself unapologetically and celebrating an aesthetic that is relative to me and my influences. Initially I thought only girls who, like me, were into hip-hop and pop culture would get it, but I’m starting to realise that women from all backgrounds connect with my brand because it celebrates uniqueness and diversity.

To start off her career in the cosmetic industry, Flow attended the London College of Fashion where she earned her degree in Cosmetic Science. While studying in this program, she gained experience with making all types of beauty products from eyeshadows to facial creams before she chose to focus solely on lipsticks (creating the MDMflow brand) for her final dissertation. She always had the desire to take the entrepreneurial route in business because she wanted a brand of her own that was personal, and her education guided her to make it all happen.

I think my BSc in Cosmetic Science, has been a major help in putting my business together. It has given me the practical skills I’ve needed to make my ideas a reality. I think it would have been a much slower and harder process without it.

creative direction: eaton house studio
model/stylist: natalie roar
make-up artist: cc clarke
photographer: anna fearon

Through the creation of MDMflow, Florence has been able to inspire many girls (including us!) who closely relate to her ambition and the overall the message of her brand. It’s not often you meet a young scientist who uses her knowledge to create dope lipsticks and run a business of her own. (Have you ever met one at all, actually?)

The grind that comes with building your own beauty brand probably consists of days where it’s a lot more tough than it is glamorous but, with doing this for a few years now, Flow knows all about what it takes to start bringing your ideas to life and her advice to get started is simple:

I would say go for it! Make well thought out, informed decisions and fight the fears.


The tubes of MDMflow lipsticks are designed to be shaped as large golden bullets, which comes from Flow’s obsession with black and gold.

Each MDMflow lipstick is named after a song that inspired the color creation process. Flow believes she may have synesthesia, which causes her to see colors when she hears music… And from the tracks “Milkshake” by Kelis and “Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani, came two of the must-have pink shades that have been in high demand with MDMflow customers.

The names of her lipsticks and the lyric quotes she recites on a regular basis are a clear indication that Flow has a good taste in music, which is just one key component that makes up her personal style. Her overall style is a combination of her interests, fashion sense, work ethic, as well as the way she thinks.

My style is ever evolving but a definite underlying theme is street culture. At the moment I’m obsessed with box braids, Nike sneakers, and oversized jackets. When it comes to the way I think and work, I’m all about optimism and positive affirmation. I celebrate the positives and learn to keep it moving when it gets tough. I believe good vibes and staying inspired have kept me going and make a real difference in how far a person can go.


The creative direction coming from MDMflow is like none other from a luxury cosmetic brand in the market. Not only is the concept and actual product unique, but the photo shoots and strong online presence only adds to to brand’s mystical aura. Each MDMflow image you come across will tell what what the brand is all about without having to say a word. Though, if you prefer words… MDMflow also has an e-zine that gives you a more detailed, behind the scenes look of the brand and an insight into Flow’s personality.

MDMflow has captured the attention of many popular media outlets from The SOURCE, to Vogue Italia and BuzzFeed; forecasting that it is the new “It” lipstick brand to keep an eye on for the future. Flow is without a doubt a BOSS who has been putting in work to execute her visions… But of course, every boss deserves some time off on a Sunday to be free to do whatever they want:

Ideally I’d spend it in Miami by a pool reading an autobiography of a badass female founder… But since I’m in London, it would be running around town with my bestie, checking out Brick Lane Market or chilling by the Southbank if it’s sunny.

Visit the MDMflow online shop ( to grab a new lipstick for selfies + follow them on Twitter and Instagram @MDMflow to stay updated!

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