Rookie Notes: Blogging and Traveling the World with Chelsea Wilson

What started as a blog to document her progression with running as she prepared for a 10k in April of 2013, turned into an informative and engaging look into the life of 23 year old Chelsea Wilson. Chelsea’s blog, Rookie Notes, debuted in December 2012.

I started my senior year of college about two years ago, and I was planning on running, so I started recording my minutes of running [on my blog] looking at how I could make myself better because I wanted to do a 10k in April of 2013.

Although she no longer posts about running, she’s decided to provide her audience other useful tips like history facts, her “rookie mistakes,” and her travel experiences.

My blog is about my personal journey in life. I’m not perfect, I’m going to make mistakes, but I hope to inspire women to keep going despite failures (because I’ve definitely had some failures). Keep going and one day you’ll look up like wow, it all worked out.

One of those wow moments for Chelsea was when she discovered her ability to travel.

Thanks to a study abroad program at her college, Chelsea has been to Spain, India, and China. Her experiences provided her with a lasting impact for which she is grateful and has since shared her experiences on her blog.

I had never really been out of the country — my family doesn’t even have passports! My three choices [through the program] were The Gambia in Africa, Australia, and Chennai, India. I picked India because I might never have a chance to go to this place again. I went to Spain [as well] because I was in my senior year of college, looking at graduate programs, and needed to learn another language, so I was going to learn Spanish.

Chelsea at the Taj Mahal in India
Taj Mahal, India

Chelsea’s favorite place to travel thus far has been India. She said that definitely plans to travel more in the future and hopes to be able to visit some places again, such as China. Since starting her blog, the one thing Chelsea has learned not only about herself, but the blogsphere, is the importance of consistency. She admits that this is something she struggles with, but feels that it is the key to achieving what you want in life.

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China

As for how she feels her blog can help to engage millennials and adults she shared,

I think social media is so huge for our generation, and so as a community of bloggers we’re able to share ideas with one another and it reaches a broader audience. That’s how you connect with different people who inspire you or could be going through the same thing you are. I’m a ‘rookie’ because I am constantly learning about things. I’m constantly learning how to improve myself. I don’t think I’ll ever reach this state of perfection or this state of idealism even though I have this idea in my head of how I see myself.

Chelsea in the Sahara Desert
Sahara Desert

When Chelsea’s not giving others a peek into her world through her blog, she’s working at a college in her hometown of Baltimore as an International Program Specialist advising students who study abroad. Education and having the opportunity to study abroad is important to her and she encourages others if they have the opportunity to study abroad to do so.

My parents have never been abroad and a lot of people in my community have never either. If I could setup a program to encourage studying abroad in my old high school or something like that in the future, it would be lovely.

Chelsea with her class in Madrid, Spain
With students in Madrid, Spain

Chelsea is an optimistic traveler who has taken her platform of blogging and transformed it into something that can be inspirational and motivational to others. With everything Chelsea has accomplished, she seems to enjoy the simple things in life like relaxing on Sundays.

My ideal Sunday would probably be watching The Ravens because I’m a huge football fan, going to church, eating some good food and not worrying about anything.

To learn more about Chelsea visit her blog – Rookie Notes.

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