Sophia Webster’s Shoe Wonderland

If Sophia Webster was an established shoe designer during the Sex and the City era, her shoes would have gotten as much air time as Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahniks and Pradas. Since her launch in 2012, Sophia Webster has been killing the shoe game with her innovative and creative designs for a versatile market of fashion-forward and feminine women.

From starting her design career with the humble beginnings of an intern to working as the design assistant for Nicholas Kirkwood before developing her own London-based label, Sophia Webster has obviously mastered the art of utilizing her own unique artistic style to the fullest.

Colorful and playful shoes have been created for the coolest brides, children, boss ladies, and beyond, taking women on a journey through a shoe wonderland just by browsing products online.

I imagine that a day in a pair of Sophia Webster shoes would be like a game of dress up IRL; especially considering her latest collaboration with Barbie and Kali Uchis as the muse.


Sophia Webster’s Barbie collection is what she considers to be her “dream project.” She told Vogue UK,

“I love that this concept strikes a balance between dreams and reality — the idea of getting Barbie in some hi-tops and setting her loose in East London is instantly appealed.”

The collection consists of footwear for both adults and children with life sized Barbie pumps, sneakers, flats, and sandals.

Watermelons and flamingos, leopard prints and butterfly wings, along with to-die-for over the knee sandals and boots are just a few ways to describe the creations of Sophia Webster. With such complex designs, she is often told by manufacturers that some of her shoes cannot successfully be made due to technical restrictions; but she is dedicated to staying true to her visions and finding ways to push limits and achieve what others declare as impossible.

Each collection caters to the wardrobes of playful women who aren’t afraid to take fashion risks and enjoy standing out as well as those who are sophisticated, sexy, and a bit more traditional… And often times one balanced shoe lover can be both a playful + sophisticated woman; all dependent upon the day of the week!




Sophia Webster’s wonderland, dream-like designs have already earned her various awards that acknowledge her outstanding achievements as a young emerging designer… But from my experience with studying and working the fashion business, it’s recognized that the hard work of keeping a brand up and running goes much further than the design ability of the owner. Being creative is just one part of what it takes to be a boss; you’ve gotta have relentless drive and strategic planning skills for longevity in fashion.

Sophia Webster markets her business as “fun and accessible luxury” with some of the most affordable high-end price points in the industry which is, for sure, a deal breaker when it comes to consumers investing in a new pair of shoes. She’s placing her brand in a position that will grow with the ever-changing interests and desires of the millennial generation.

It’s safe to say that Sophia Webster has officially won over my heart and my shoe splurge fund. I look forward to continuing to find inspiration through her brand during the upcoming seasons. You can view more of her work and shop her latest collections here + follow her on Instagram @sophiawebster.

(Cover image from photographer, Emanuele D’Angelo on Net-a-Porter)

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