Staying Positive Through The Negatives

The other day my best friend and I were talking about all that has happened to us this year and we mutually agreed that, from looking back on events, 2015 has been the “worst” year thus far. With everything such as illnesses, the loss of loved ones, disappointing relationships, job obstacles, random unfortunate events, and everything in between… Combined, we’ve experienced it all.

Despite the fact that days haven’t gone as smoothly as we would have liked them to, we’ve still managed to look past all the not-so-great things and maintain a positive peace of mind…. And we’ve been able to do so by pushing ourselves through it.

We’ve come to the understanding that it’s true when people say, “no pain lasts forever” and we know that bad days will never equate to a bad life.

In her words, “I tell myself: Just stop. Just stop b*tchin because you don’t have time for it… You have to keep it moving regardless of what isn’t going your way right now.”

The things we choose to focus on hold a great power… Greater than we may realize sometimes. If all we can think about and talk about are all the things that bring us down, then we’ll never be able to successfully rid ourselves of the negative energy.

We are our worst enemies and our best motivators; all depending on what we tell ourselves and what we choose to listen to.

Here are the statements, from my girls + songs + quotes + more that encourage us to keep pu$hing and to stay positive every day of the year.

“They say God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And as much as anyone can say how invincible I seem or how fearless I am or how brave I must be, I’m still human. And I’ve seen things and I’ve felt more pain than some will in their entire lives, all before the age of even being able to buy a f*cking drink at a bar. But I have to be strong, not for myself but for a greater purpose, because I feel like my duty is far beyond me, you know? Beyond saving my family; it’s for the world because somebody out there really needs to hear this. So to anybody who isn’t here to see how far I’ve gone or how far I’ve yet to go. To family members that didn’t make it or friends I lost along the way. Or maybe someone I gave my heart to that didn’t know what to do with it. You should be here.”
— Kehlani, Intro

“I have to keep improving myself to become the best version of myself so I can teach my kids to do the same + better. In the end, these obstacles are only going to make me stronger. I can’t let the people down who believe in me. God is putting me through this for a greater purpose.”
— Ashley

“…You gotta keep going, you gotta keep going, you gotta keep going
If there’s one thing that I learned
While in those counting lines
It’s that everything takes time
You have gotta lose your pride
You have gotta lose your mind
Just to find your peace of mind
You have got to trust the signs
Everything will turn out fine
So why aren’t you smiling? Why aren’t you smiling?
Life can get wild when, you caught in the whirl wind
Lost in the whirl wind, you’re chasing the wind
You gotta understand
There’s really no end, there’s really no beginning
There’s really no real, there’s really no pretending
There’s really no fail, there’s really no winning
Cause nothing really is and everything really isn’t.”
— Jhené Aiko, W.A.Y.S.

“Everything you go through happens for a reason; either a lesson or a blessing. Try to learn your lessons the first time and accept your blessings as they come + trust me, your life will be a lot easier that way.”
— Keia

alex elle strength

“Tried almost everything still spinning around
But one thing you haven’t tried is erase every doubt
Keep both feet on the ground while your head’s in the clouds
And when you feel like giving up listen to these sounds
And make sure you
Don’t quit your daydream
Don’t forget to breathe
Who you want to be is only up to you
Sometimes you may crawl
Let them think that you’re small
Cause it’s so worth the fall when you land where you want to.”
— Tori Kelly, Daydream

“Tough times don’t last, and maybe things aren’t going my way because something new and great is about to happen. As bad as it is now, I still believe that better times are on the way.”
— Alexis

“Now, everything is everything
What is meant to be, will be
After winter, must come spring
Change, it comes eventually
Sometimes it seems
We’ll touch that dream
But things come slow or not at all
And the ones on top, won’t make it stop
So convinced that they might fall
Let’s love ourselves then we can’t fail
To make a better situation
Tomorrow, our seeds will grow
All we need is dedication.”
— Lauryn Hill, Everything is Everything

“I smile because I am genuinely excited about life and all of its unknown paths on the path of what I’m most passionate about. I will always believe there is beauty in the unknown… The littlest things excite me. I’ve learned to dispose of those who poison my energy, don’t appreciate me, or look at me sideways.
I have a tendency of being too open, too loving, or too whatever… But my heart is pure and I don’t care to be “cool” for a particular status. I crave nothing but healthy insides, healthy mindset, healthy energy + vibes, healthy relationships & anything else…. I want no parts.”
Alicia, @love_pinck on Instagram

reyna biddy

“Sometimes our lives are flipped upside down so that we can learn to grow through tough situations… After surviving our hardest phases in life we become stronger; discovering that failures, heartaches & disappointments are temporary — not definitive… Stay up through it all, keep going, and never stop loving yourself & who you’re becoming.”
— Victoria

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