The Art of Mastering Your Creative Career with Her Agenda

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend my first #HerAgendaLive event coordinated by Her Agenda and Alley NYC. This event was a panel focused on “The Art of Mastering Your Creative Career” featuring Sophia Chang, Danielle Arps and Leah McSweeney. These three women are all entrepreneurs in creative industries and have been grinding hard to chase their dreams and establish themselves in their prospective fields.

Sophia Chang is a freelancer in the art and design community. She works with print making, graphic design, apparel websites, illustrating, consulting, and curation.

Danielle Arps is an interior designer with her own company that specializes in interior decorating for start-ups based in NYC. She has built up an extensive portfolio of designing the office spaces for high-profile companies and more.

Leah McSweeney is the CEO of Married To The Mob; a street wear clothing line that launched in 2004. MTTM is one of the first street wear brands designed by women for women and it has been empowering badd ass girls ever since.

Image Courtesy: Her Agenda
Image Courtesy: Her Agenda — Left to Right: Sophia Chang, Danielle Arps, Leah McSweeney, Rhonesha Byng

The panel was moderated by Rhonesha Byng; the Founder of — an inspiration and information hub for millennial women. With questions about getting started, inspiration, and the challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur; the panel discussion was an extremely insightful source for those pursuing creative careers… Including myself.

Leah McSweeney has been one of my personal inspirations since high school so I was super excited to be able to attend the event and what I learned about the other panelists has inspired me as well.

Sophia Chang On How To Keep Pushing:

“I went through that starving artist phase and I wouldn’t have changed it. When the pressure’s there, it only pushes you to hustle harder.”


“You need more than just talent, you need hustle.”

Danielle Arps On How To Boss Up:

“Make sure you value your services — tell people “No,” when they try to lower your prices.”


“Stop apologizing in business. We do this too much as women. Not ‘sorry, not sorry’…. Just NOT SORRY.”

Leah McSweeney On Confidence and Handling Criticism:

“Entrepreneurs have a certain personality type; we’re not scared. I don’t have a fear of failing. I’m not that scared of failing, if I fail I’ll do something else”


“I don’t pay attention to the f*ck boys that hide behind a computer screen.”

Not only did Her Agenda bring these wonderful women to share their inspirational stories; but the opportunity for networking, refreshments and winning prizes was given to those in attendance as well. The event was catered by AssataBanks and with the purchase of a ticket, one lucky guest would win a Dagne Dover tote + clutch as well as specialized No One Ever Slows Her Agenda cards made by Luckee Star Cards.

(That one lucky guest was me; and I couldn’t have been happier! My new Dagne Dover day-to-night accessories package is seriously perfect for my current lifestyle.)

If you live in the New York area, I strongly suggest you attend the next #HerAgendaLive event. Stay updated with event dates and information in the future by following @HerAgenda and visiting the Her Agenda website.

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