The Journal of an Aspiring Journalist Part II

All throughout my life, I’ve loved writing. This love grew from me carrying around a composition book filled with original short stories and weird poems as a child, to writing my real thoughts and feelings on my Xanga blog as a pre-teen, to posting over 66,000 tweets of randomness since 2009 (my tweet count is seriously so embarrassing x_x), to obtaining positions that require me to write/edit articles and blog posts about fashion on a regular basis.

In high school, it never occurred to me that I could pursue an actual career in fashion because the various options were never introduced to me. I figured that the only job you could have in the fashion world was a designer; in which I wasn’t very interested in becoming after taking a fashion design course during my senior year. It’s silly, now that I think about it, because I used to love reading fashion magazines but it still never occurred to me that I could actually work for one.

From talking to an old Myspace friend who added me on Facebook shortly after I graduated high school (lol @ the power of social media xoxo), I learned of the Fashion Industry of Technology — a school in Manhattan that is primarily focused on the fashion industry. Once I looked into all of the different majors and paths that were available for me to declare, I chose them and had a new career goal (fashion journalism) that I was really passionate about pursuing all within 24 hours of that Facebook message. I never enrolled at FIT, but that school is what opened my eyes to all of the other schools that offered fashion programs as well.

Through research of already established editors, I gained an understanding that in order to become an Editor for a fashion magazine, you do not necessarily need to study journalism or anything related in college… But as a back up plan to my aspiring career as an Editor, I chose to work towards obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management. This would allow me to learn about the business of fashion and open the door to a possible career in merchandising or product development in the future.

I felt like aspiring towards becoming an Editor for a fashion/lifestyle magazine would be fitting for two main reasons. The first reason is that I’m naturally a picky person; I have a very specific taste that is based off of choosing what I like and staying away from what I don’t like… But I still have the ability to remain very open-minded to new things and understanding popular interests. The second reason is that being an Editor would combine many of the things I find most intriguing into one job — writing, fashion, creativity, beauty, music and traveling. 

I’ve always dreamed of living in New York City and being able to travel to different countries. The best way to become well-rounded is by being exposed to different cultures and a really great way to do this is through studying fashion.


Fashion is a reflection of culture and history, as it changes over time according to what is happening in the world and where. Editors get to work while traveling to cities around the world, analyzing and forecasting trends, attending fashion shows (Fashion Week!) and directing photo shoots. These are very attractive aspects that, after speaking with current Editors, I realize aren’t as glamorous as they sound. It’s a major lifestyle change, to go from being a student from a small area to working for a major fashion or publishing company in New York City… And certainly, not everyone is cut out for it.

It can be intimidating when people tell me how competitive the fashion industry can be and how challenging it is to obtain and maintain a job (I actually have nightmares about getting great opportunities and screwing them up)… But if nothing else, I’m honestly thankful that I even have a chance at doing it for a career — something I really love. I feel like I have begun to put myself on the right track to get to where I want to be through internships, freelance work and personal projects and I honestly can’t wait to gain more experiences over the next couple of years.

Fashion Journalism is extremely fast paced and I’ve been told that, the majority of the time, it’ll have you working seven days a week… It can become stressful, hectic and often make you have one of those, “What am I even doing here?” moments… But if it’s something you really love, you’ll live for it, and it will all be worth it.

Looking back at the little me, going everywhere with my notebook covered in stickers, I feel like I’ve always been traveling along the right path. It simply takes time to get to where I’m supposed to be and now, I just really look forward to seeing where time will lead me.

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