Trust Your Journey by Raelia Lewis

The book, Trust Your Journey — Tools for Making Your Dreams Come True, takes us on a journey with Raelia Lewis as she faces and overcomes the many challenges of working in the fashion and modeling industries. Being a part of the fast-paced fashion industry myself, I know first-hand that much is expected of individuals in order to properly establish careers and to be taken seriously on a long-term basis.

In Trust Your Journey, Raelia reflects on how being a working model + woman of color requires more than having an attractive body and face to earn a spot on the runway; you must be able to network and have a strong business acumen as well.

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One of Raelia’s hardest tasks was finding a good manager to represent her — one who could actually help her advance her career more than she could on her own. Regardless of this manager struggle that seemed to be never-ending, Raelia still managed to make her way from Philadelphia to being a contestant on America’s Next Top Model; traveling the world for it’s cycle 21 season.

She didn’t win the top spot of that cycle… But what she did win was the experience and clarity that by never giving up, it’s totally possible to achieve of your biggest and smallest goals. Raelia didn’t let the temporary disappointment of being eliminated from the competition change her mindset in a negative way… She focused on staying positive.

After ANTM, Raelia continued her modeling career aspirations; she kept moving and also set out to attend college to earn a degree in communications. This part of her journey is what guided her to complete and publish her first book as well as to continue to book some major modeling gigs.


Trust Your Journey is a great read for anyone in pursuit of accomplishing new goals and looking for positive insight to the process of aligning their creative career dreams and real life. The back of the book also includes visionary exercises and tips as tools to motivate readers to keep going.

Even though things may seem to be tough, you’ve gotta trust that you can make it. One day at a time.

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